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Citizenship if Lost: CDO Office

Citizenship if Lost: CDO Office

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Citizenship is the status of a person which is recognized under the law as being a member of a state. In Nepal, a person can get citizenship after he/ she reaches 16 years. It is often required in every legal work directly or indirectly.


District Administration Office of the related district.

For Kathmandu

District Administration Office

Babarmahal, Kathmandu

Tel: 4262478, 4248985

Email: daokathmandu@moha.gov.np

Website: http://daokathmandu.moha.gov.np/

Documents to be submitted

1. A photocopy of your old citizenship.

2. Recommendation letter from the concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality's Head.

3. Application letter to submit in District Head Office.


1. Bring the recommendation letter from the concerned Municipality or Village Development Committee head.

2. Fill the form (You can get the form in Citizenship department) and give to the "Sahayata Kashya" to check it.

3. If the filled form is approved, take signature from the Officer.

4. Then the person in charge will make an entry of your citizenship in a computer. There you should check whether all the information listed there are correct or not. If all the information are correct then you should give a passport sized photo in which they will stamp a signature and give it to you.

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