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Creating Business innovation

Creating Business innovation


Your career and Business should be renewed yearly by paying specific amount at Ward office


Related Ward office

Important Document

1) Application Request letter(निवेदन प्रत्र )

2) Copy of Citizenship Certificate

3) Business registration copy registered by Metropolitan

4) Deal to Restore

5) Tax paid of house


The same day


Responsible officer

Administration Chief, Assistant Chief of Administration, Respective field staff


1) Submit application(निवेदन) with the specified document

2) Forward orders of the administrative head

3) Submit an application request(निवेदन)

4) Applicant should submit decided Cost

5) Applicant get certificate after Invoice



From related Ward office


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The first step to starting a business or non-profit is to register at the concerned government offices. Subsequently, there are periodic obligations such as submitting annual reports, filing tax returns, and calling general meetings. For the new business, navigating the registration and compliance can be difficult and time consuming.