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Equivalence Certificate: Pathyakram Bikaas Kendra (TU)

Equivalence Certificate: Pathyakram Bikaas Kendra (TU)


An Equivalence Certificate is a certificate that shows a level of achievement equivalent to completion of an education or training program in a foreign land to that of the legalized education system of a country. In Nepal, it is issued to Nepalese who has graduated high school, undergraduate level, graduate level, or PhD level of study from foreign country.


Office of the Academic Council,

TU Central Administrative, Kirtipur,

Pathyakram Bikaas Kendra Building

Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

P.O.Box 8212 Phone: (977-1) 4331969

Fax: (977-1) 4331964

Email: academic@tribhuvan-university.edu.np,

Required Documents

Photocopy and original to show

1. SLC Transcript

2. +2 Transcript

3. +2 Provisional Certificate

2. Migration Certificate

5. An attested copy of recently graduated certificate (Eg: BSc level Transcript)


Cost: Rs. 500

Time: Within an hour


1. Go to Pathyakram Bikaas Kendra and fill a form (You can get in a certificate submission room.)

2. Give the person in charge to check the documents whether they are correct or not.

3. Next to the building, there is adjacent Nepal Bank Ltd, get a voucher of Rs. 500 from there.

(Details to be filled in a voucher):

Account No. : १८५० (1850)
Account Holder Name : पाठ्यक्रम बिकास केन्द्र (Pathyakram Bikaas Kendra)
Amount : रु.५०० (Rs.500)

4. Now submit all the documents with the voucher.

5. You will get your Equivalence Certificate within 15 minutes.

Additional Information

1. If your major is not registered in the TU ( say Asian Studies) then you have to attest all the above listed certificates with attested copy of the curriculum you did to complete your major. Also, you have to get Rs. 2000 voucher to register your course in TU.

2. The contact information given above is of TU Central Administrative Building, Kirtipur, but not of Pathyakram Bikash kendra Building.


Pathyakram Bikash Kendra, TU





Last Verified: 2017/02/17 (2073/11/06)


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