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Machine Readable Passport : DAO/Ministry of foreign affairs

Machine Readable Passport : DAO/Ministry of foreign affairs


Passport is an essential document for travelling abroad lands.There is a ascending number of Nepali people travelling to abroad for many purposes like employment,health facilities,education and so on.Passport can be taken from two vary ways.If you want to get quick service, you have to take recommend from District Administration Office and if you want to get from regular process then you can go via District Administration Office of your belonging district.


  • While taking passport via regular way(District Administration Office based on passport).
  • For quick service

1.Related individual's District Administration Office.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Passport
Narayanhiti Kathmandu Nepal
Phone No: 4416011, 4416012, 4416013, 4416014, 4416015
Fax: 4411028, 4424366
Email: communication@dopmofa.gov.np

(Source: wikipedia.org)


Description Penalties Time duration Location
*While doing from regular process 5,000 30 days Related District Administration
* For quick service: 10,000 3 Days Department of Passport
* For quick service: 12,000 2 days Department of Passport
*For quick service: 15,000 1 day Department of Passport

Regular services

Essential documents

a) For regular process

1.Passport application Form 2 copies

2.Original copy of passport and its photocopy-1.

3.Photos 4 copies.

4.If one has old passport, its original copy.

b)For married women

Beside above mentioned documents

1)Citizenship card's photocopy-1

2)Marriage certificate's photocopy-1

In case of marriage in next district, then its citizenship card record.

c) In the context of migration

1)Documents mentioned in above "a".

2)Landowner certificate's photocopy-1

3)Map pass or house building or tap or electricity's document's photocopy-1

4)Migration certificate photocopy-1

5)Certificate record with related district

d ) In the context of staff member

1)Documents mentioned in above "a".

2)Letter of related office.

3)Citizenship Record of related office.


While making passport via regular process

Process १. Download Form,fill it and print 2 copies.Do signature and thumb print.Thumb print must inside the box.So,do carefully.Sample of managed form, Ways to fill up form

2)Snap a photo of in the size of MRP in the photo studio and stick two copies in the form.

3)Go to District Administration Office with all essential documents and certify your citizenship card.Pay the penalties of (rs.5000) and submit the passport form.You can get information if the passport is ready or not with phone and SMS or you can ask while submitting the form.

4)Finally,you can get passport from District Administration Office at the assigned date with the receipt.

Quick service

Essential Documents [2]

1)Form with Barcode gained by the descriptionafter submission of Pre-live Enrollment.

2)Original copy of Nepali citizenship card.

3)Description of certified citizenship card by related CDO.

4)Original certificate and its photocopy, if the married Nepali women wants to change the caste with her husband in the passport.

5)Original copy and photocopy of passport and photo page, if has already taken.

6)In case of unclear date of birth of applicant in citizenship card, you can go through the original copy and photocopy of School Leaving Certificate or upper level certificate for the base of exact date of birth.


Certify the citizenship card :Applicant's citizenship certificate continued by CDO or migration certificate including photos in CDO. SAmpleCan certify by sticking ticket.

Fill online form :Fill the online form via Pre-live Enrollment and keep application Source DOP (Department of Passport) .Then you will receive Form with Bar code and print it. [http://nepalpassport.gov.np/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Online-Pre-1.pdf Ways to fill up forms english, In Nepali

With all essential documents visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Passport.,Narayanhiti Kathmandu and pay according to the service you desire.Departmental staffs will take your fingerprint and will give you a receipt.

If you have taken one-day service, take passport the same day or next day with the receipt and original passport from Department of Passport.

Making passport from abroad


Go to Site of Department of Passport fill online form with Pre-live Enrollment).Select Nepal embassy or mission in Application Source.

Go to self selected place for photo capture and fingerprint.

You can get Information about ready passport and application gained by different countries from below mentioned link Facebook वा Twitter.

More information

Site of Department of passport FAQ and more information from other pages.If you have any questions regarding passport,answers are quickly given facebook or twitter

Note and references

  1. Site of Passport Department
  2. Documents to be submitted for getting passport from Department of Passport. Here


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