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Old Age Allowance (Briddha Bhatta): Ward Office

Old Age Allowance (Briddha Bhatta): Ward Office


All Nepalese, men and women, who have completed 70 and above are eligible for the pension. According to the directives issued by the Ministry of Local Development, the benefit of Old age allowance is strictly based on the age mentioned in the Nepalese Citizenship certificate. Social Security Program Identity Card, however, will be issued to those who are passed the age of 70 in reference to his/her citizenship.


Respective Ward

Required Documents

1. A copy of citizenship

2. An application form

3. A copy of migration registration for those who have migrated

4. Two copies of passport sized photos.

5. Application format for old age allowance will be available in the office.

6. In case of citizenship older than 2034, one must show Voters' Identity Card


Cost: Free

Time: Within a day


A) Process you should apply:

1. You should apply within Mangsir 1st to 15 for the process.

2. First, with all the documents including an application letter go to ward office

2. Then the ward will write a recommendation letter to Municipality

B) Internal Process (government process) :

3. Municipality will send officials from to investigate. The decision of whether giving allowance or not will be in the hand of municipality too.

4. The list of people on which municipality decides to give allowance will go to Ministry.

5.Then the municipality will send the person's file and inform ward to give allowance to the person.

6. The allowance will start to come for the elderly people. Note: The person himself has to go to Banijya Bank to receive the allowance

Additional Information

This apply for Kathmandu's ward offices

For Nepali page click बृद्ध भत्ता : वडा कार्यालय




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