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Smart Card Driving Licence: Transportation Administration Office

Smart Card Driving Licence: Transportation Administration Office


A smart card is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded microchip similar to SIM cards, which contain information on driver’s identity and vehicle registration number. Department of Transport Management of Nepal is set to take applications for electronic “smart” driving license from mid December, with view of replacing old paper-based licenses. DoTM officials said that the smart licenses will also replace blue books as we know it. Smart card readers will be made available to DoTM staff and traffic police to access data on the card.

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Government of Nepal.

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport

Department of Transport Management

Office of Transportation Management

1. Ekantakuna, Lalitpur or,

2.Thulobhayrang, Kathmandu or,

3. Chabahil, Kathmandu or,

4. Jagati, Bhaktapur

You can choose any one of them.

Required Time and Cost

Time: After completion of written and trial, Smart Driving License will be provided within a month (at best) Cost:

Types of vechile Cost
For motorcycle and scooter Rs. 1500/- (*new)
Small Vehicles except motorcycle Rs. 1000/- (*obsolete)
Medium Sized vehicles Rs.1500/-(*obsolete)
Big Vehicles Rs. 2000/- (*obsolete)

In case of adding more than one category in driving license, the extra cost will be added to the existing fees. To add category:

Types of vehicle Cost
Small vehicle Rs. 100/-
Medium vehicle Rs. 250/-
Big vehicle Rs. 500/-

Required Documents

1. Application form

2. Passport sized photo-1

3. Receipt of paid revenue

4. Original citizenship and its copy. In case of non-Nepali (foreigners), photocopy of passport.

5. Certificate of driving training from certified driving school (Compulsory for 4 wheels and optional for 2 wheels)


1. Fill an application form and paste a ticket of Rs. 10/- Also, get a voucher for health examination (Especially Eye check-up will be done to confirm whether eyesight are fine or not ) and at the same time, take a token .

2. Get in a line according to the token no. you are given. When your turn comes, get inside to the first building's ground floor room and give your original citizenship and application form to one of the computer operator.

3. S/He will take your photo from web cam. You have to give stamp of your thump and your signature digitally with a note pen.

4. Submit your paid voucher for health examination to one of the health officials of the same room.

5. Now take your application form and get to room no. 6 and pay Rs. 200 for a voucher.Then after sometime, the operator will give you an entry letter for written examination and trial of License.

6. The very next day, you have to come to give written exam (Examination usually started from 7 am). For written exam you have to be present in the same building's second floor. Your name with a serial number will be written on the door and your name will be called accordingly.

7. When your turn comes, you have to go with your original citizenship, entry letter, and paid voucher to give exam.

8. Usually the trial exam will be on the very morning (next day of written exam). The trial exam is allowed if you pass the written one.

9. After passing both exams, the traffic examiner will give you a date on which you have to go Ekantakuna.

10. On the same date, you have to fill a form for smart card, and get a receipt from second building. Submit the receipt to room no.5. and get your smart card licence .

For online form

1) Go to the website of Department of Transport Management (http://www.dotm.gov.np/).

2) On the home page of Department of Transport Management, click the link Online Driving License Form located below Introduction.


4) In CITIZENSHIP choose NEPAL, then click PROCEED.

5) Fill your personal details in DEMOGRAPHIC DETAILS.

6) After filling the DATE OF BIRTH (DOB) box, age will appear itself.

7) Fill the PERMANENT ADDRESS box.

8) If your permanent and temporary addresses are same, then CHECK out the SAME AS PERMANENT.

9) Choose the category that matches your application. (For now choose 'A' or 'K')


11) Select a zone of office where you are going to apply. (For now Bagmati)

12) Select the license's office of that zone.

13) Don't forget to fill the boxes having ASTERISK (*).

14) After filling all the description, click SUBMIT.

15) Click OK when Are you sure you want to continue? message appears.

16) Once check your filled details. If you get any mistake, click EDIT DETAILS to correct.

17) If the details are correct then click SUBMIT.

18) A box showing APPLICANT SAVED SUCCESSFULLY message will pop out.

19) Click OK to continue.

20) All the filled details will show up again.

21) Then click PRINT.

22) Your details and the REFERENCE NUMBER provided to you will be save in 1 page as PDF FILE.

23) After printing those details, go to the concerned office in the given date.

24) If the filled details are wrong or if anything is missing then inform the office operator while giving BIOMETRIC DETAILS.


- If you have an old driving licence, you can get smart card licence while renewing it.

-To add another category in the driving license, written exam is not necessary.

-The result of written and trial exam can be seen through sms and online (For this, you ask to Transportation office)

- You can get help from various books and mobile apps related to written exam.

- If you passed the written exam but failed the trial then within 90 days duration, the trial can be given 3 times. (For this, written exam is not necessary) But if in 90 days duration also the trial exam is not pass then written exam should be given.

- Scooter and motorcycle trial is taken in Minbhawan, trolly bus stop. For four wheelers, National Trading infront of Singhadurbar main gate.

- Trial is not allowed to give in own vehicles. For motorcycle, Super Splendor and small vehicle, Suzuki Alto are provided by trial centers. For using those vehicles, about Rs. 50 and Rs. 250 should be paid.

- For learning trial, you can get various videos on YouTube. But to pass the trial, there is no way rather than learning and practicing properly

- The smart card licence will have all the details of your written and trial exams even the number of the test you have failed.

Frequently Asked Question

Nepali page

Additional Information

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Source: Administrative procedures 2070 of Office of Transportation Management

Ekantakuna, Lalitpur

Update date: 2073-11-23

Phone number: 9841365944



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