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Tribe / indigenous : Ward Office(Janjati/Adibasi Sipharis) )

Tribe / indigenous : Ward Office(Janjati/Adibasi Sipharis) )


The Government of Nepal has announced indigenous and People on basic of ethinic nepalese who got recommendation from government.


1) Related Ward Office

2) District Administration Office

3) Penalties: 510


  • Copy of citizenship of father
  • Original citizenship
  • Copy of citizenship
  • Application for recommendations


  • First of all go to respective ward office submit an application for the purpose of recommendation.
  • If reconstruction is needed it may takes some time but if not needed ward office will give recommendation in few minutes.
  • Ward office gives recommendation and then go to District administration office.
  • As needed also take recommendation from District administration office immediately.

Benefits of recommend indigenous/Tribe

  • No of official Quota for employee can be separated for Tribe/indigenous, where they participate.If go to travel abroad, it may help.


Indigenous / Tribe registration process is also the preferred at Tribe/Indigenous foundation. They get identity from the foundation. The desire is to find the exact population of Tribe/Indigenous. Same work is done for registration or recommendation.


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